in mouthStudies have shown that that slow eating results in consuming fewer calories.

What is the Nobesity Slow Bite™?

The Nobesity Slow Bite™ is a simple, easy to use device that reduces the size of bites and slows eating. This causes users to eat slower, become aware of each bite and consume fewer calories.

How does it work?

Before mealtime, the user inserts the Slow Bite™ intra-oral disposable device between the teeth in the upper and lower jaws using an applicator. The device controls the degree to which the mouth can open during food consumption. Slow Bite™ is easily removed after the meal.

The device (moderately) limits mouth opening and as a result, prompts the user to take smaller bites of food. The device moderates eating without spoiling the pleasure associated with eating and without impairing speech. Slow Bite™ is small and can be used without embarrassment when dining in company.

In addition to limiting the speed of eating on each occasion of use, extended use of the Nobesity Slow Bite™ has the positive by product of long term influence on the user who eventually, automatically adopts slow eating habits.

Nobesity's oral device is easily self-administered and does not require professional guidance or training.

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